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This blog started off when we realized we watch a lot of movies. To not eliminate the enjoyment we get from watching movies we decided that by analyzing and sharing our take on the moral content of movies (whether or not the movies teach good moral principles) we would be more productive with the time we spent in front of the TV. Hopefully this exercise will help us and our readers better understand what good entertainment is, as well as promote good movies to watch and bad ones to avoid.

Cool Hand Luke has been one of my all time favorite movies since high school. In a lot of ways I felt I identified with Luke and his experiences at the work camp.  To get a better feel for my appreciation of the movie, check out the review.

Our personal goal is to evaluate the movies we watch on primarily a moral-rating scale with some commentary on the overall entertainment value. Moral cinema should make the viewer want to be a better person, should shed light on true consequences that happen when one violates laws of truth. We plan to study Plato and Aristotle and their interpretation of "the Good"; John Gardner's written an excellent book on moral fiction and what it should contain; the holy scriptures contain a basis from which to judge good and evil by; and there will be many other sources we hope to use to fine tune our critiquing ability. We welcome any constructive criticism on our reviews and thoughts or additional insights you might have on the films we've seen or should see.

Our mission is to compensate for Hollywood's and the media's "failure to communicate" good morals in movies and provide a place to discover "virtuous, lovely, good report, and praiseworthy" films to share with family. We also hope to encourage an open forum to help clear up any moral misconceptions you may see in our critiques that may help us rethink our criticism.

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