John Wick (2014) - M0.0/E3

Somewhere I heard this was almost as much fun as watching the Matrix.  As much as I loved the first Matrix, this was nothing like it.  This is going to be very short.

The movie started off rather slow and I really wondered how the whole Keanu Reeves holding a gun was going to be relevant about 10 minutes into it.  A terrible tragedy happens, revenge takes hold, and everyone dies.  The end.

Don't waste your time.  VidAngel didn't help much here.  Sometimes bad movies are bad even without the swearing/violence/sex.  There was no redemptive value to watching this at all; it was just pure depressing.

If you want a more thorough review, check out ericdsnider.com.  He gave it a B+, and a lot of times I agree with his rating, but when there is no moral message, or even a negative morality to a film, it's very hard to find a reason to enjoy it.

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