Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) - M3.6/E7

This was a good movie, though perhaps a little too complex for maximum enjoyment.  The story was well told, and not terribly confusing (considering all the flashbacks), and probably is deserving of a second watch to iron out all the details. The trailer shows the movie moving a bit faster than it actually does (though I never wondered when it would be over).

We're taken along in an investigation of top British Intelligence agents to discover who is leaking information to the Russians at the height of the Cold War.  While a good movie, I imagine that reading the book might prove to be a better experience.  Nothing in the movie made me think more about how I could be a better person or inspired me to think more on God's goodness, as indicated by the low morality score it received.

There isn't a whole lot more to say.  The filming was good, not crisp and digitized, but was reminiscent of a 70's style film, perfect for the era in which it took place.

Before checking this out, be warned that there is some coarse language, violence, and sexuality - nothing terribly explicit, but present nonetheless.

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