State Fair (1945) - M7.0/E6

Entertainment Rating: 6 of 10

This was world’s better than Rodger and Hammerstein’s Carousel, though not terribly entertaining for kids under 5 or 6 - not enough goofiness (with exception to the pickle judging, which our kids loved) or action or dancing. If you’re in the mood for a nice musical, this one’s worth a watch.

Moral Rating: 7.0

Margy doesn’t get stuck with her nerdy admirer, but ends up with the ever more experienced and worldly news reporter, who has decided to stop all his gallivanting around because he’s actually fallen in love this time. I find this rather lame and if anything, morally degrading, because this is not how love or relationships really work out in the real world. Young women should avoid the likes of the journalist, no matter how much they swear the young woman has made them re-think their life. Marriage is too long a commitment to not have both people fully prepared for it, before saying “I do.”

The brother ends up with the right girl, and is happy with his choice. The “right girl” means that he doesn’t try to end up with the girl he finds out is married towards the end of the show, but makes the right decision and is shown being happier for it.

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