Swingers (1996)

Entertainment Rating: 3 of 5

Great music, ok story. Vince Vaughn really gets annoying here, plus the language is pretty coarse. If you can get past that, this really is a nice story dealing with friendship and romantic relationships.

Moral Rating: 3 of 5

Trent’s character is portrayed as the enviable one, with Mike being the lame, whiny friend who can’t get over his recent split-up with his girlfriend. Trent seems to be a valuable friend, in that he doesn’t abandon Mike, and frequently tells him how “money” he is, but Trent seems to miss what Mike really needs. Mike ends up finding out what he needs on his own through making his own mistakes and discoveries. Because he does this by himself, he ends up happier in spite of all the help his friends were trying to offer him. It’s a big plus that the climax romantic relationship in the film has nothing to do with sex (at least through the end of the movie), is not shallow, and brings genuine happiness to Mike.

Besides the language pulling the moral rating down quite a bit, the positive message of quality relationships shines through.

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