Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Entertainment Rating: 2 of 5

Not great. Nothing more than a video game, but your thumbs don’t get sore because all the shooting is done for you. There isn’t more than shooting a bunch of robot/aliens. Not worth your time, unless what I described is your cup of tea. The filming might make you noxious as it’s basically someone running around with a camcorder, similar to Cloverfield in more than one way (but we actually enjoyed Cloverfield).

Moral Rating: 3 of 5

There’s a bit of an effort at telling an inspirational story about an officer that gains the love and respect of those he’s fighting with. He starts off as not a popular person, many thinking that because he was the only survivor of a previous unit that he didn’t care for the safety of those he was with and worried about preserving his own life. Through many trying circumstances during the invasion at hand, he proves he’s worth his salt.

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