Limitless (2007)

Entertainment Rating: 2 of 5

The trailer was very deceiving in making me think this would be a fast paced film...nothing of the sort. Not that slow-pace is bad, but I think I could have enjoyed this more if it were quicker paced. The story itself was interesting, but heavily based on drug use and addiction and the results of living such a lifestyle.

Moral Rating: 2 of 5

We see the negative impact of addictive substances and how it can destroy lives and relationships. However, the main character ends up on top and better off than he was because he learned how to appropriately apply the drug. This could be construed to mean that all substances have a purpose and if we used them as God/nature intends they can bless our lives; though a bit of a stretch, it is true. Otherwise we could easily assume that the film is saying that some illegal substances can be good if we know how to use them, which ultimately promotes the use of such substances and is morally bad.

Either way I don’t recommend watching this film. There’s plenty of violence, several non-graphic sexual encounters, and some language.

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