The Green Hornet (2011)

Entertainment Rating: 2 of 5

I may have enjoyed this because I was expecting garbage and it was actually better than some garbage I’ve seen. The movie was definitely not on par with other comic book movies, and I’m glad I didn’t spend the money to see this in the theater; it was ok at home for $1. The whole Bloodnovsky development was really lame, a good villain would have made this better; and a good hero could have made it great.

Moral Rating: 2 of 5

I was hoping Britt Reid would “come to himself” when his father died and realize the legacy his father left him, causing an earlier change for the better; this would have made the whole super-hero endeavor a little more interesting. Instead we get stuck watching a moron think he’s a super hero when his coffee making side-kick is really the only one doing anything of value. It took me a while to get into Seth Rogen's character - as far as stupid actors go, Ryan Reynolds did a much better job in Green Lantern, Rogen was just plain stupid in this.

The movie was filled with typical comic book style action, but too much needless profanity.

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