Forever Strong (2008)

Entertainment Rating: 4 of 5

This was a lot better than your typical movie about an underdog team that rises to the top and ends up winning some championship. Even though this didn’t get great reviews from the critics, we really enjoyed it and learned something from the experiences of Rick, Rick’s dad, and the coach. Definitely a show worth watching with your family of older children. The action scenes were great, they used college-level rugby players to represent the team, which made it that much more fun to watch.

Moral Rating: 4 of 5

The great thing about this movie was that the triumphs presented were more focused on the individuals instead of the dominant rugby team; we really didn’t care who won the championship in the end. While maybe the storyline was a bit predictable, what wasn’t predictable was the way the characters changed to create the expected end result. The changes in Rick and his dad may have been somewhat expected, but seeing how the film portrayed those changes really touched us.

I think I’d put this up as one of my favorite sports flicks.

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