Source Code (2011)

Entertainment Rating: 4 of 5

Our intention was to see Limitless, but when that showing magically disappeared, this was my next choice (if not my first to begin with) - and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the best choice. I really enjoyed this movie. I recently finished a college course on Science Fiction literature and really got into it. Source Code wasn’t a totally-out-there SF film, but it had some of the elements (e.g., explaining how certain technological advancements can affect society and individual people). It also had a light touch of romance and an overall good feeling throughout it. This is definitely a show worth a watch - a nice, expensive one - not a cheap digital one.

Moral Rating: 4 of 5

The film discusses the morality of taking advantage of someone for research purposes when they don’t have any power to decline. Is one man’s freedom to die in peace worth sacrificing for the supposed good of the world?

In only a few short moments we get to see the love this man had for his father and everyone he comes in contact with. He may only exist in these people’s minds for 8 minutes, but he gets to know them with an intensity that is admirable, if not a little unreal to someone not as willing to be as outwardly engaging as myself.

There’s a bit of strong language due to the stressful circumstances the characters are put in, but the words aren’t terribly out of place.

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  1. You should check out Duncan Jones' first feature "Moon". It focuses on a lot of the same themes as this one does.