Thor (2011)

Entertainment Rating: 3 of 5

This was a fun movie. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, since I didn’t know much about Thor to begin with. The little I’ve come into contact with him in the few Avengers graphic novels I’ve read hasn’t been deep enough for me to exert more time into learning about him. The movie told a good story when it took place in Asgard (Thor’s home planet) and Bifrost (planet inhabited by Asgard’s enemies). Even the part of the story when Thor is exiled to Earth and we see him change is decently depicted, until Natalie Portman enters the picture along with all the corny drama and romance that happen on Earth. There’s such a stark contrast in the story between Asgard and Earth that it makes the story less believable than if it had taken place entirely on Asgard and Bifrost. The movie might be worth checking out once, but expect much less than Spider-man, Batman Begins, and Iron Man.

Moral Rating: 3 of 5

Thor’s change of character is the strongest message in the film, even though it is a little too unbelievable. One of my friends commented that it was as if walking around without a shirt on and serving some earthlings some eggs, he became worthy of his hammer. Regardless of the process of the change, there was a marked difference between the naive and selfish Thor prior to his banishment and the Thor that returned to keep Asgard out of the hands of those who would destroy it. When our lives are devoted to helping others instead of satisfying our own selfishness, we are happier and we are able to be a much larger, positive influence in the lives of those around us.

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