Salt (2010)

Entertainment Rating: 4 of 5

This was a great movie! When the end comes (and it comes rather quickly) and you really don’t expect it to come but expect it to continue and want it to continue, that is a good sign. Angelina Jolie is great. The movie was originally written for a male lead and Tom Cruise was approached; when he backed out, the script was re-written for a female and Jolie filled it well.

Moral Rating: 3 of 5

[Spoiler Alert]

Salt takes a moral stand as she realizes what she’s been trained to do is wrong and does everything in her power to set things right. As talented and skilled as she is, she constantly risks her life to try and protect what those close to her try to destroy.

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  1. I LOVED this movie. Great plot, great message, good action, it was awesome! ... Sorry, browsing through to a find a good movie to watch on netflix but they are all on DVD not watch instantly.