Some Like It Hot (1959)

Entertainment Rating: 4/5

This is considered one of the best comedies of the 20th century, and at one point I agreed. After watching it over the Christmas break I’ve had second thoughts about it. The acting is great and it really is a funny show, but there’s a bit too much sexual appeal to it for my comfort.

Moral Rating: 2/5

There is no moral to this movie. The only message is that if you lie and cheat you get everything you want and your buddy gets stuck engaged with a person of the same sex.

Seriously, though, Joe takes advantage of Sugar's frustration with men and capitalizes on the information she shares with him.  In the end when she finds out Joe's just another sax player (and not a millionaire who owns a yacht) she throws out all her previously set upon standards and reverts to making the same bad decisions that made her unhappy in the first place.

Jerry seemed to be one of the few level-headed characters in the movie (though he fit in a little too well with the girls).  However, any reason or precognition he exhibited was rewarded by getting stuck engaged with a rich millionaire who ends up not caring that Jerry is not a Sherry.

If you’re looking for some witty comedy that is cleaner than any contemporary comedy, but still has a bit of an edge to it, this is worth checking out; though, I'd hesitate showing it to young kids due to the few scenes of automatic weapons massacring people and Marilyn Monroe's very revealing attire.

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