Superman Doomsday (2007)

Entertainment Rating: B

Not great, but pretty good. There was definitely a lot of action and a decent story line. The Doomsday alien seemed a bit odd, not a lot of history behind it, just some random, seemingly indestructible monster that almost kills Superman. The underlying story with Lex Luthor’s DNA research was a bit more intriguing and I enjoyed that bit of the show.

Moral Rating: 3

[Spoiler Alert] The moral dilemma’s presented in this show were well done, but did not have a strong presence throughout the film. We see how the ability to enforce the law goes beyond superhuman strength and power, it lies within the moral fiber of the enforcer. The Superman clones kill those who commit atrocious crimes, without any second thought to due process of the law. However, I don’t necessarily always trust the law to adequately punish criminals, but I wouldn’t want to be responsible otherwise for the abrupt ending of a person’s life or other such punishments. The true Superman has the ability to enforce justice, but also to extend mercy appropriately - very much a Christ-like figure.

We could have been spared the implication of an unmarried, intimate relationship between Lois and Superman. Several scenes with them in their bathrobes wasn’t necessary.

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