9 (2009)

Entertainment Rating: 4/5

This wasn't a very complex movie. However, the story seemed like it had so much background information that was only shared in bits and pieces of flashbacks that you feel wanting at the end of the 75 min. film.

Moral Rating: 3/5

9 is the last stitchpunk made and the one that helps the others realize their destiny. Some were content to just hide and avoid the evil that existed in the world, while others tried to learn and grow on their own. 9 actually brings everyone together, and only then are they able to realize their full potential and start the world progressing again (even if it is through implied non-creationism/evolution). We are all free to choose our own destiny. The final line of the movie nicely illustrates this by saying that the world is "what we make of it."

If you're looking for something short and sweet, check it out. I'm not sure why it was rated PG-13, it's definitely a mild PG-13 if anything but could be a bit scary for younger kids.

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