Leap Year (2010)

Entertainment Value

Rating: B

This was a fun romantic comedy, but nothing out of the ordinary. The ending was predictable, but had a little bit more of a twist, making it a bit more believable.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate?

Rating: 3

[Spoiler Alert] - I thought I'd be courteous, even if the plot is rather predictable...

The love story here was very similar to that in The House of Flying Daggers: the woman who's been in a long relationship runs into a man who provides some greatly needed help; she ends up forgoing the long-term relationship for this new relationship that lasted 2 days, and is infinitely happier. Why are short romances portrayed as if they will make the girl happy for ever after (Disney princess movies come to mind - Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog etc.)? I guess they only got engaged within a few days, but it sounds like they didn't waste anytime getting in bed together (no "wall of Jericho" the second time around).

I think Ana and Jeremy's relationship was probably not right - given the texting during their night out and his reason for proposing, among other things; but will the other one (Ana and Decklin) last any longer or end up any happier? I do like the fact that Ana did think about it and didn't turn down Jeremy up front, but did what she felt was right, and then saw for herself that she could be happier with someone else.

Maybe these stories aren't meant to tell us that we can fall in love with someone else in a matter of days (though I believe if you spend the wrong time with certain people, dangerous feelings can arise and lust ensue). Maybe we can learn that if our relationships are seeming a bit stale or if they haven't been positively progressing for some time that it just takes some adventure or something out of the ordinary to light the candle again.

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