House of Flying Daggers

Entertainment Value

Rating: A

Beautifully done (acting, music, and art), just like Hero. And also like Hero and many other Chinese flicks, it was rather sad. Not a very complex story, but the simplicity of the story adds to its beauty.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate?

Rating: 3

Mei held her love for the one that she was promised to, but in the end sacrificed that love for someone she had fallen for in a 3-day period.

[Spoiler Alert]

You can take the message two ways: one, as if the bond between Mei and Leo signified marriage and so marital fidelity is most important and she should have stuck by Leo; and two, that Mei wasn't married and should have been free to make her own choice and Leo was at fault and couldn't control his jealousy and pride.

Either way presents an interesting predicament and overall the show shows how sensitive emotions/passions are if they are not bridled.  Mei seemed to do a pretty good job the first few days resisting the advances of someone who she surely saw as attractive. She then made a choice to end her previous relationship with Leo to pursue Jin who was more active in her life (for three days!) and had risked his life to "protect" her.

The film didn't have as strong of a message as Hero, but was still worth watching.  Be aware that there are some intimate scenes between lovers, though no nudity is shown, and there's a bit of violence with the martial arts fight scenes.

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