Date Night (2010)

Entertainment Value

Rating: B

I was expecting more comedy than was supplied. There were definitely some nice surprises, but the funniest moments were revealed in the trailers. I was able to laugh at the joke before it even happened, knowing it was coming up. If you're looking for something funny, with a lot of "adult" (yet juvenile) humor, you might like this.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate?

Rating: 3

The relationship between the Fosters was not a strained one, but it was definitely a tired one. We see them as being caught in the middle of life with nothing exciting ever happening, but they do manage to go out on a date fairly often (scheduled weekly). We see married friends of theirs struggling in their marriage and finding lame excuses for divorce - they saw themselves as great room mates and nothing more, so there was nothing left to be together for.

Mr. Foster does a great job at noticing his wife's attempt to add some flare to their date and goes all out himself, which ends up leading to a rather adventurous night that really helps relight the flame in their marriage (as seen by them making out in the grass in front of their house for the last few minutes of the movie).

Even with this positive message of keeping your marriage adventurous (or at least making an effort to fan the flame), there is quite a bit of crass humor, which oddly enough doesn't seem as bad coming from a married couple as it does from young single kids. Save this for a date night, not family movie night (unless you max out your ClearPlay settings).

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