Entertainment Value

Rating: C

Kind of a cool story, a lot creepier than I had imagined. I recorded this show because of it's notoriety, but was rather underwhelmed. If you've never seen it, it might be worth a view, but don't expect much.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate?

Rating: 2

"In the few hours we had together we loved a lifetime's worth." What kind of a line is that? Not that it's dumb (it was meant to encapsulate the strong bond between the lovers), just that it is ridiculous in that the type of love that lasts a few hours is not love at all.  Reese was protecting Sarah and she felt sorry for him for never having "loved" anyone, so she basically just opened herself up to him and it was "true love". Baloney.

There was quite a bit of violence, but that was expected; at least in the TV version it was completely in context and not over done. I'm glad I at least saw it once, I'm not sure how interested I am in seeing the others, though I am curious as to what they base their stories on.

Surprisingly Schwarzenegger had only 16 lines in the whole thing, and his "I'll be back." is embedded quite deeply in our pop culture; maybe he had a more intriguing role in the sequels?

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