Sleeping Beauty


Two kingdoms plan to unite when a daughter (Aurora) is born that can wed the son (Phillip) of the other kingdom. The plans are at risk when the evil Maleficent prophesies that on the girl's 16th birthday she will die. The girls father, in an attempt to foil Maleficent's plan, sends her to live with the fairies deep in the woods. Aurora is found and Phillip must fight the powers of Hell to save her.

Entertainment Value

Rating: A

This is probably one of my favorite Disney princess movies (right up there with Beauty and the Beast). Maleficent's character particularly intrigues me (probably one of Disney's most evil villains) and the prince's fight against her at the end is pretty intense. The whole falling in love after dancing together isn't much of a story, it's kind of a side story to the battle between good and evil in the film.  The musical score is excellent!

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate?

Rating: 4

Love really is the thing that Satan cannot understand (in the movie Maleficent = Satan), particularly the love God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ have for us. Just as Maleficent tried to ruin the life of the princess, Satan tried to ruin God's plan, but Jesus Christ stepped in and put enmity between Satan and man (just as the fairies stepped in and blessed the child that she would not die, but sleep).

Maleficent is perhaps the most satanic of the Disney villains (she calls upon the powers of hell as she fights Prince Phillip.) Those who fight against her are made out to be very complementary (not complimentary) opposites. The main force of good that opposes Maleficent are the fairies, who give Prince Philip a sword and a shield that represent Truth and Virtue, principles that are used to fight against evil both in fairy tales and in real life.

The overall love story between Phillip and Aurora is weak, just as in Cinderella and Snow White - after 5 minutes of dancing with a stranger they fall in love and know they must marry? Is the kiss really "true love's first kiss"? This quick romance is depicted in more than just Disney films, so Disney isn't the only one at fault. So are these fanciful depictions of love harmful to young children? This type of love is non-existent, and if anything is mostly just lustful desires that people choose not to harness. Maybe it just provides a good teaching moment for kids, because I really like this film and feel that the message of Good prevailing over Evil is the strongest and most important message.

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