Alice in Wonderland (2010)


On the brink of having to make a very important decision, Alice escapes to Wonderland where she must discover who she really is so that she can more effectively make the life changing decisions that await her.

Entertainment Value

Rating: B

Visually stunning, as most Tim Burton films are. The music was great, as usual with Danny Elfman. However, the story was a little slow and I didn't care for Alice's character; and even though named after her, Johnny Depp really stole the show as the Mad Hatter. It's worth seeing at least once.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate?

Rating: 3

There weren't any real strong messages presented. Alice supposedly realizes who she is and that instead of marrying into a wealthy family, she should become an apprentice to her father's company. Is this saying that a woman's potential cannot be fully met in the home as a wife? Or that education is important in a woman's life?

We also learn that if you have other people's heads cut off all the time, good things will not happen to you (it is better to be loved than to be feared, in the moment of trial you discover who your friends really are - if you have any).

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