In The Good Old Summertime


Two bickering co-workers (Van Johnson and Judy Garland) have secret penpals, from whom they keep any personal details. The tables turn when the true identity of their penpals are discovered.

Entertainment Value - A

This movie didn't seem to have a whole lot to do with the summer time, in fact the only scenes in the summer time were the opening few minutes and the ending few minutes (the setting for the title song). Maybe it had to do with the fact that good things happen in the summer time and we need to wade patiently through the autumns and winters of life.

A lot of the scenes were identical to the Shop Around the Corner. The main difference is that the setting is a music store instead of a department store, and because of the setting a few songs are inserted into the story (or vice versa). There are also less mature themes presented in this version, making it a little more appropriate for young children (no suicide attempts or extramarital affairs). I may like the Shop Around the Corner better just because I really like Jimmy Stewart, though In the Good Old Summertime did a better job at developing the relationship between the two pen-pals. My all time favorite version, though, is You've Got Mail.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 3

The moral themes from Shop Around the Corner are pretty much repeated here. Because of the fewer serious themes, we're given an entertaining show with a happy ending, and not a whole lot to discuss.

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