Bedtime Stories


A long-time hotel employee gets the chance to fight for a chance to run the hotel chain. During the process he learns what things in life bring him true happiness.

Entertainment Value - B

This was a great family film with original humor and a pretty good story line (the end was as ridiculous as Paul Blart's ending, you'd be better off cutting it off beforehand). Surprisingly a quality Adam Sandler show that you can watch without any editing.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 4

[Spoiler Alert]

The show provided a positive message on realizing that happy endings don't just belong in fairy tales. Happy endings tend to come to those who actually take charge of their lives and do good things of their own free will.

Throughout the whole story Skeeter (Adam Sandler) was waiting for others to tell him what to do (his father being the one telling the story, the kids being the ones that actually end up controlling his life to some extent, etc.). When Skeeter realizes that he has power to act himself instead of just being acted upon, he finds true happiness.

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