The Fantastic Mr. Fox


Mr. Fox decides to step back into his old chicken-stealing shoes in order to give his family a "better" life. His ambition, greed, and dishonesty ends up affecting all of the creatures in the forest; he must figure out that his family is what is most important and not their lifestyle.

Entertainment Value - A

Great movie! Kids under 4 or 5 would enjoy it, kids any older may lose interest as a lot of the humor is mature (not offensive, I just think it's a humor that not even all old people would get). The soundtrack is stupendous. We found ourselves laughing quite a bit and I'm pretty sure this show will find it's way into our DVD collection.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 4

[Spoiler Alert]

The father-son relationship is very well setup. We're presented with a neglectful and selfish father at first, but as he sees how much his son wants to be like him, he softens up and gives his son a chance. As the story progresses you see an enormous change in the son when he realizes that his father really loves him. A father must give his children adequate attention, respect, and encouragement to help them with the trials they encounter.

We also see the danger of falling back into old, harmful habits. Dishonesty will never be the solution to any problem. We should be happy no matter our circumstances.

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