Benny and Joon


Benny is the caretaker for his mentally handicapped sister. He's forced to realize that she is capable of making some of her own decisions, and must learn to let her go as an excuse for himself to be more involved in life.

Entertainment Value - A

Great lighthearted, romantic-dramedy. Johnny Depp really made the movie.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 3

The film produced a good message on the importance of making life happy. Life's too short to look for excuses to not be involved. We need to have the courage to make decisions that will increase our happiness. Benny used taking care of his sister as an excuse to not have a normal life. Surely it was done out of love at first, but if he really loved Joon he could have helped her get out on her own sooner. In the end they both end up breaking free, resulting in an increase of their happiness.

There is an implied sex scene that totally could have been done without; for some reason Hollywood (and as a result the world) thinks that sex is the only way to show a mature relationship between two lovers prior to marriage. Comedies have to have jokes about sex in them. It's almost as if the world revolves around sex. In a sense it does, at least that's how we all exist; but at the same time it's also how lives are torn apart. Satan can twist godly things in such a way that they destroy us instead of making us more holy.

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