Reggie Lampert must try to find the $250,000 her late husband hid before her husband's army cronies find it or kill her in the process.

Entertainment Value - A

This show had a great mix of comedy, romance, and suspense.  It was as good as any Alfred Hitchcock movie I've seen.  The actor line-up contributed to the enjoyment (Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, George Kennedy, Walter Matthau, and James Coburn).

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 3

There were several disturbing murders, but the overall message was very similar to that of the Treasure of the Sierra Madre - greed makes no one happy and can eventually lead to your demise (physical as well as spiritual).  It also can cloud your judgment, diverting your attention from what the real problem actually is.

I would definitely make an effort to at least see this once.  It may be a bit too much for a young audience.

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