24: Season 1


A Senator who is close to making it into the White House is the target of an assassination attempt. CTU Agent Jack Bauer's family is kidnapped and he must try to rescue them as well as stop the assination. Meanwhile, an affair that he had frequently comes back to haunt him.

Entertainment Value - A

One of the most intense shows I have ever seen. I got so tense in every episode that I would actually start shaking! The experience is very much like reading a book, except for the added visual stimulus. The acting in it was better than most movies I've seen; and to keep you intrigued and guessing from beginning to end is a sign of great talent.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 3

We also just finished watching season 2, so I'll tie in some of the messages that came from it as well, since they overlap a bit.

Jack Bauer is nothing less than a modern day super hero. He is very similar to Batman in that he is mortal, but can fight off almost anyone/thing, and puts himself above the law. Jack is constantly at odds with his superiors and co-workers with regards to how he obtains the information he gets (mostly because there is no other way and the catastrophe at hand would multiply in scale if he doesn't do whatever it takes - torture, murder, etc. - to win.)

Which brings up an interesting question, is "whatever it takes" ever okay? I think there is a higher law to follow when man's laws are obviously flawed. It helps to have the kind of superiors that will cover up everything you do to keep you in their employ, but this power could easily go abused. For this reason, these type of extreme actions (e.g., torture) are probably best prohibited, but if the person going against it has the courage and initiative to, the outcome will more than likely prove if he was right or wrong.

Senator Palmer is the most awesome character I can think of. In the face of so many people telling him to not do what's 100% right he defies them by sticking to his morals. Though he loses a lot of people he loves, he's able to rest assured that he has done what is right and has not compromised his morals.

Some specific moral dilemmas presented include:

  • Jack being faced with having to kill someone in order to protect his family...never plans on doing it, but cuts it close several times

  • Jack's going against superior orders when he knew something was right, willing to get chastised for something that will bring about a greater good.


  1. It kind of reminds me of police lying to suspects to get them to confess. Is it moral or ethical? I like to think not because it often gets good people in trouble. However, if it enables them to get the wrongdoers .... I have to agree the entertainment value is high and it makes me wonder if the government is really like that. Scary

  2. Good review....Brian and I have really liked 24...and jack bauer is quite the hero. Some of the drug parts bug me, but I do like that there aren't really any riskay (if that's how you spell it) parts. We also both like President Palmer alot, and thought he would do a better job than Obama :0)