High School junior Bella ends up falling in love with Edward Cullen, a rather deadly choice of young men. Pursuing their relationship puts Bella in danger and could result in her death.

Entertainment Value - D

This movie was replete with bad acting, though it was a pretty true adaptation of the book (it was a relief that the movie took place outside of Bella's Edward-obsessive thoughts). Edward seems to be the one struggling the most emotionally whereas it's Bella in the book. The fabled kiss-scene wasn't that great (Spiderman's was way better). The soundtrack was awkward with weird music in weird moments, the one exception being Muse blasting during the baseball scene, that's a cool song and was probably least awkwardly placed in the script.

If you're a fan of the books or the story sounds interesting, the fight scenes are pretty cool.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 3

This story is not a very good portrayal of a relationship. The much-talked-about kissing scene was totally inappropriate with her just sitting there in her underwear with Edward in the room. There was some restraining of emotions between the two, but only because Edward was afraid he'd kill Bella not because it wasn't right.

The father-daughter relationship wasn't too positive, you don't get a chance to know Charley, so Bella's leaving him isn't as drastic as it should have been (or was in the book).

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  1. I was disappointed with Catherine Hardwicke's directing. It seemed like she was just playing out her own weird fantasies. There is no way that Edward would have put himself in the position of having Bella in her underware while kissing her? If one remembers the book, then you would know that Edward did have morals and ethics and was strangely old fashioned. The movie did not have the budget needed in order to make it the way it should have come out. It was frustrating to see New Moon. I wish they could have re-done Twilight to be as good as New Moon was. The directing was great and the acting remarkably better (aside from Kristen Stewart- who has about as much talent for acting as a Pez dispenser).
    Your reviews are fun to read. When are you going to review New Moon?