Sixth Sense, The


Dr. Malcolm Crowe feels obligated to help Cole Sears, a young boy, who has serious problems (very similar to a previous patient of his who Crowe failed to cure).  As Cole gradually begins trusting Dr. Crowe and opening up, we see both Dr.'s and patient's lives change for the better while each is able to help the other overcome their challenges.

Entertainment Value - A

Very good, suspenseful movie; perfect for a cold Halloween night (especially when the lights go out!).  Though probably mild by most people's standards of a scary movie, it was still a little disturbing thinking back on it, but overall I enjoyed it.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 4

The Sixth Sense did a great job showing the importance of communication and how it helps us overcome our fears, show love, and strengthen relationships.

[Spoiler Alert] When Malcolm helped Cole realize he needed to confront the dead people and find out what it was they wanted with him, Cole's fear disappeared and he was actually able to help the ghosts find rest.   Fears need to be faced; sometimes in the process of confronting our fears we find that they were not really all worth being scared about.

There are many ways that our failure to communicate causes problems.  Too many people gossip and complain about things they dislike others doing, but they do nothing to communicate these frustrations to the people that are causing the annoyances; they would rather live in their misery than muster up a little courage to help others come to terms with them.

Cole's mom had a very difficult time knowing how to love and help her son.  She was able to help a lot, but it wasn't enough.  Not until Cole opened up could she really help him.  We can't ever give up on trying to communicate with those we love, no matter how obstinate they may be.  Our trying shows that we do love them regardless of their unwillingness to reciprocate those emotions.

Communication strengthens marriages.  This is a bit of a stretch, considering Malcolm was dead, but he was able to come to terms with the confusion he had been feeling since his death.  He was able to tell his wife she was never number two and that he still loved her.  This act brought the movie to a close and really made me feel good about the overall message of the movie.

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