A Pocketful of Miracles (1961)


Annie is an apple peddler who fakes her residency at a high class hotel to hide her impoverished situation from her daughter who lives in Spain.  Annie finds herself in quite a predicament when her daughter writes of her engagement to the son of a Spanish count and that they are all coming to visit, including the Count.  Annie's friends seek the help of Dave the Dude who believes that Annie's apples are the source of his good fortune.  The Dude and his gang must choose between winning their rights to "own" the city of New York or trying to work some sort of miracle to help Annie out.

Entertainment Value

This film included a great group of actors, and pretty much anything by director Frank Capra great.  The credits at the beginning start off with Christmas music, but I don't recall anything Christmasy in the film.  While Capra's films have strong moral messages, they can sometimes feel a little too forced making them somewhat preachy and unrealistic.  This show, however, seemed more natural (the interaction between the actors) making this film very enjoyable.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate?

The film contains a wonderful message on being selfless and the blessings that come when we sacrifice our time to help others.  Dave the Dude pretty much put his life (and the lives of his close friends) on the line, in order to help out someone who he perceived helped him.  With the help of many friends, the Dude was able to pull off a miracle in the end.

We really can be happier when we lose ourselves in the service of others.  We can't do so irresponsibly (completely ignoring our higher priority duties - families, jobs, etc.), but by pushing ourselves to give as much as we can, we'll be surprised at how far our good-doing goes (especially when we seek for divine assistance in the process).

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