Julie and Julia


Two parallel stories about two people who love food.  Aspiring writer, Julie Powell, finds her life somewhat uneventful and decides to cook all 524 recipes in a Julia Child Cookbook in 365 days and blog about the experience.  Intertwined with Julie's story is Julia Child's own story of how she overcame the many obstacles that led to her cooking notoriety.

Entertainment Value - A

This was a fun story with a creative and witty script.  I found myself wondering how long the movie was going to be about two-thirds of the way through, only so much of a person's blogging life or cooking life can be made enjoyable.  I would also advise you to not watch this on an empty stomach, there are loads of delicious meals presented throughout the 2 hour show, making it that much harder to sit through.  Meryl Streep did an amazing job as Julia Child, and even Amy Adams played a very believable part as the blogger Julie.  I had a hard time buying into Julia's husband, played by Stanley Tucci; maybe because my only association with him is in the Terminal and Pelican Brief, but I really didn't like him in this role.

Moral Value - Failure to Communicate? - 3

One of the strong points of the movie was the way the husbands of the titular characters supported them through the trials and obstacles that faced them during their marriages.  All were very believable (no one was portrayed as perfect).  Due to the trials that did occur one can see the detrimental effect of letting goals get in the way of family relationships.  (Or by letting the comments from your blogging audience drive your whole existence when you are living with a real, live person who can really satisfy your needs).

One word could have been eliminated with no negative affect on the movie, and I would have enjoyed it a bit more.  This totally could have and should have been rated PG.  By toning down the implied husband/wife night-time rendezvous and the language and the film could have been much more charming.

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  1. Did you like the movie? I think it would make me hungry.