Jeremiah Johnson

I really enjoyed this show.  Jeremiah Johnson (Redford) tries to run away from troubles in society (war, corruption, etc.) thinking he can find peace living on his own.  He runs into plenty of wild animals, savage Indians, and ravaged settlers, learning different lessons throughout his journey

After leaving, Jeremiah soon finds out that there is no running from troubles, life will always bring you challenges. As Jeremiah overcame these challenges he became wiser, and he learned to love people instead of being critical of them. He was pretty much forced into marriage, and was obligated to take in a boy whose family had been ravaged and killed by the Indians. These experiences helped Jeremiah see the good in people, and particularly the love and joy that comes with being a part of a family.
[Spoiler Alert] This movie didn't end on a very happy note. Jeremiah ended up going against his understanding of the Crow Indians to help the military rescue a town under threat of Indian attack. By doing so, he ended up losing his family. He spent the rest of his days fighting off Indian challengers and became a legend in their culture.


  1. How odd. I JUST watched this movie within the last couple of weeks.

  2. Hey Aaron and I randomly watched this a while ago... We were excited cause it had Robert Redford!