This film covered the preparation and the airing of the historical 4-day interview David Frost conducted with former president Richard Nixon.  Some wanted the interview to be the trial Nixon never received (due to Ford's pardon); others simply wanted the experience of interviewing one of the most controversial men in history.

Entertainment Value

I'm not sure how accurate the interviews in the film were with the actual ones, but no matter what, Ron Howard did an excellent job putting this story.  For consisting of mostly just dialog between the titular characters, it was as tense as any other action/suspense film I've seen, reminiscent of the style of film 12 Angry Men was.

Moral Value

It's intriguing to see Frost's motives for interviewing Nixon dramatically shift just before the last leg of the series.  Frost accepted some of his researchers because of their intent on proving Nixon guilty in order to give Americans the resolution they needed for the preceding years of scandal.  Frost didn't quite share that passion and was fighting a losing battle until he too decided to take things seriously and conduct the last interview in a way that would start the healing process for disillusioned Americans.  This is a great example of how anything done halfheartedly cannot bring you real happiness, no matter how optimistic you are.  Once a person has done everything to ensure the success of a goal, no matter the outcome, that person is successful.

Being how this is a depiction of a very important event in our history, I think it is of great value to everyone to see this film.  The film could very easily have been brought to a PG-13 rating, but I fear that Hollywood pushed for the R-Rating solely to target it's audience to a more mature crowd.  I can see that this film probably would not be enjoyed by too many under age 17, so why market the film towards them by giving it a PG-13 rating?

We did watch this edited, and as far as I know only a handful of swearing was cut out (turn up your nudity filter if you don't care to see the back of a naked man running into the ocean at the end).

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