Rating: 5

The first 15 mintues or so of the movie really draws you into the happiness the Frederickson's had in their lives despite the inability to fulfill their dreams of exploring South America. Their hardships are what really drew them close together in their marriage. Throughout the story you see Mr. Frederickson's continued love for his wife and how her love for him encourages him to love and serve others. Ellie's enduring love for Carl helps him gain the courage to befriend and help Russell and Kevin. These concepts are very applicable to any marriage. Once either partner in the marriage starts trying to figure out "what's in it for them," they lose their focus of loving and serving their spouse and children, putting the relationship at risk.

One of my favorite parts is when the old man is flipping through his wife's scrapbook and discovers that she had filled in the Paradise pages (saved for their dream vacation that they never got to do) with pictures of their life together. To her, life with him was her paradise. *Sigh*

There is a conflict between good and evil in the film, but the real conflict is within the old man. Learning to live with the passing of his wife and living his life to the fullest, not letting his time waste away is what continues to make him happy, even in the absense of his wife. We whole-heartedly encourage you to make an effort to see this if you haven't already.

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