Rating: 5

Disclaimer: Our moral rating and comments only apply to the edited version of the film.

Brilliant! I wish I had watched this in the theaters, or at least with a better quality sound system. I loved every minute of the music and story. What's even more amazing to find out is that the lead actor wrote and performed all the songs himself.

This was a very simple story about characters who lead anything but simple lives. It is inspiring to see how they grow close together and decide to face their challenges instead of run from them. The girl's choice to try and repair her marriage was admirable for two reasons. First, with divorce running rampant these days, it would appear that fewer people are willing to try and make things work. Second, it is even more rare to see such a courageous decision depicted in modern film.

We whole-heartedly recommend this film if you have some way to filter out the language (which is what we understand is behind the R-rating of this film).

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