Incredible Hulk, The

Rating: 3

This was a pretty good show. Not your typical action/comic book flick, a little more drama and story, but not much.

You have good versus evil with Bruce vs. Hulk and Hulk vs. Abomination. There's nothing bad or amoral that Bruce Banner does in the movie, but there's nothing really good either. Most traditional comic book heroes are fighting against evil to punish it or to save the lives of a lot of people (Superman, Batman, X-Men, Spider-man, etc.), which generally can inspire others to do good. The Incredible Hulk focuses more on the struggles that Bruce has and how he learns to cope with being the monster that he is. I don't know the story of the Hulk, and so maybe the future releases will focus a little more on the good that the Hulk can do for society and inspire in its watchers, as is alluded to at the end.

It is good to see Bruce's realization of what he becomes and the will power he has to supress the monster and not use it for power's sake. By the end of the movie Bruce also realizes that he can use his weakness to do good, and in this sense it becomes more of a strength.

The General is evil in that he is completely selfish in his desire to capture the Hulk. He hides behind the ploy of protecting society, but when it is obvious that the Hulk is not the real monster, the General and Emil stop at nothing to try to subdue the Hulk.

Judging the morality of the story of the Incredible Hulk will be much easier once we understand more of the overall story.

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