Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Rating: 3

This movie was pure fun, just like the other three.  No real moral lessons presented, other than maybe the importance of knowledge and that, though it is important, it isn't the end-all of our existence.

We did watch this filtered, though I'm not sure we really needed to.  We ended up turning off the filter because we felt we were missing too much of the story, but it turned out we really didn't (I think the disc was scratched because it was a library rental).  There was a pretty clear distinction between good and evil throughout the movie.  This clear distinction doesn't automatically make a movie a good candidate for teaching a moral lesson.  I realize that life rarely presents us with situations in which we can clearly discern between good and evil.  It's when something we know is wrong (or is inherently wrong based on revealed truths) is presented as something that's okay or even good that the message becomes destructive.  Maybe showing us that it's perfectly fine to shoot, stab, trample, etc., people as long they're insignificant to the plot is detrimental to our spirituality.  

Though I didn't feel empty or bad inside (as I did with some of the movies we rated a "2"), I didn't really feel uplifted or inspired to do right, but I did end up with a smile on my face.

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