Gulliver's Travels

Rating: 5

I started reading the book and ended up getting about three-fourths of the way through it.  I can't remember why, I just felt like it was taking an eternity to finish it, so I set it down.  After watching the movie again, I think I have enough desire to pick the book up again and if nothing else, at least finish the last quarter of it.
This story has tons of lessons through it.  Most of them are political, as that was Jonathan Swift's purpose in writing it (as far as we know), but I think the comparison's he made to humanity several hundred years ago are still quite applicable today.  Human nature doesn't seem to change much, just the circumstances in which it exists.

After watching this I have a greater desire to be involved with what is going on in the political world, since that's the group that tends to run things in our lives.  The movie accurately portrays the type of resistance that we can expect from trying to discover errors in current processes and that it really takes the faith of a child to penetrate the clouded intellect of grown men.

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