Stranger Than Fiction

Rating: 3

We thought this was a very creative story, and had a lot of potential for being really good.  Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) starts out as very shallow and emotionless, being controlled by the author who created him.  As the story progresses he realizes his situation and tries really hard to discover what is going on and how he can escape the ruthless whims of his author.  This is definitely a drama, don't expect a goofy Will Ferrell movie.
As far as the moral value of this film, it was a bit awkward during the "I want you" moment, and I think that the relationship with Gyllenhaal could have been more appropriately depicted.  It seemed that Harold knew he was going to die (not a major spoiler) and so he decides he needs to live life to its fullest, including knowing what it's like to sleep with a woman.  Sure it's what most the world vies as a beautiful relationship, but we're not here to support the world's standards.

Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) did some courageous and kind things right before he was supposed to die.  The movie did an alright job showing Crick's evolution to becoming a deeper person, but as mentioned before, it was tainted with the world's definition of "good."

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