Rating: 5 

We watched this movie a while ago and fortunately took notes during and right after viewing it.  This was a great movie!  Though many of Gandhi's teachings and beliefs were good, I'm not sure I agree 100% with everything, but I'll let you decide where you stand.  Plenty of lessons worth remembering were taught, and we hope this list will give you insight into a small portion of the good this movie presents.
  • Love and truth will always prevail
  • Noncooperation with evil is necessary
  • Gandhi fasted until noncooperation with Great Britain stopped.  Gandhi realized the people weren't ready to live this "higher law", they weren't motivated by the right desires (sounds strangely familiar to multiple stories from scriptures)
  • No compromise, disgust for alien powers - alien powers don't know who they rule, they don't understand the culture or way of life.
  • Gandhi understood that to lead the people he had to understand what they did and how they lived, so he renounced the status his schooling brought him and became one of the people.
  • "I've traveled so far and I ended up back home." (It only matters what you become)
  • Gandhi was willing to stand up for what's right, was never worried about what others think
  • "All battles ought to be fought in our own hearts."
  • "Tyrants and murderers at times seem invincible, but in the end they always fall."
  • The Indians had to love Gandhi for his fasting to death to mean anything.
This is a long movie (about 3 hours), but I'd recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

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