Rating: 5 

This is a classic, must-see movie.  It is definitely a faith promoting film.  The story is set in the Middle East during the life of Jesus Christ, in fact Christ and Judah Ben-Hur are about the same age.  Even though Judah doesn't personally know Christ, it is inspiring to see how Christ touches and inspires his life.  Judah shows faith at different stages of his journey and is blessed in each instance.  It's a story of familial love, the poison of anger and revenge, and faith in Jesus Christ.

One of the strongest lessons presented in the movie is that just because we are doing what's right or standing up for what is right does not mean that we will be rewarded.  However much evil happens to us for choosing the right, God will be with us every step of the way offering us life sustaining water and ultimately eternal life if we stay the course.

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