Simpsons, The

Rating: 3

This movie was pure entertainment, no deep messages and some off color humor. When I saw this clip in the previews I couldn't stop laughing, and everytime that I've seen it since I can't help but laugh again [the clip was "Spider Pig" but it's been disabled. Marvel probably thought it was copyright infringement. You'll have to live with a clip mentioning spider pig]. I wouldn't recommend buying this movie, but if you have ever laughed at an episode or even part of an episode of the Simpson's this movie will be worth some laughs. I would recommend to watching it filtered or edited.

I know a lot of people dislike the way that the Simpson's family is portrayed and how the father of the family is a bumbling idiot, the kids are disrespectful, and the mother is often very out of touch with reality. What are your takes on the show? Is this type of humor harmful to our society? To what extent is satire and cynicism acceptable?

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