Rating: 5

We started off watching this in Mandarin Chinese and then decided we should probably switch it to English. The English was dubbed over and not very well done, so we decided to switch back to Chinese and turn on the subtitles and watch it that way (that's what we did with Crouching Tiger). It was 100 times better. The way it started off didn't seem too promising; it seemed very shallow and overly simplistic. But as we continued to watch it, we realized that was on purpose. As the story unfolded, it became more and more complex, intriguing, and inspiring. This is definitely a movie we'd love to watch again and again.
The cinematography was amazing. The colors and settings that changed as the film progressed make this worth watching alone. The music was great. This is in no way similar to the story of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; the only thing similar is the sword play.

It does a good job showing how hatred and vengeance can blind you and take control over you and your actions, often causing you to do things you regret. Another lesson is that we should not be so quick to judge when we have been hurt, but rather try to understand why the other person did what they did. There may have been a reason and that reason just might be greater than your personal loss. Sometimes this perspective is nigh unto impossible to attain, but if we don't try, we can be the ones to cause pain to others and most often more pain to ourselves.

[Spoiler Alert] The Nameless warrior set off on a mission to kill the king, but along the journey he realized the king's potential to unite China. What the king was doing wasn't bad in and of itself, it was that his motives were not right that made the situation so dangerous. Once the Nameless one helped the king realize the good potential for his actions and the true purpose of a warrior, that of uniting the kingdom, the King changed his heart, and his desire for power rapidly changed into a desire for unity. The way the Nameless warrior helped the king realize his true purpose as a warrior was very clever. Evil was conquered at the end, though in reality that means good people were sacrificed to achieve that victory.

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  1. Wow! I have vaguely heard of this movie and now I am quite interested in seeing it. You do a great job in captivating your audience in sharing your insights in depth! Thanks!