Get Smart

Rating: 3

Hilarious at parts, but they throw enough trash in to make you not want to recommend it without it being filtered.  Too many sex jokes, though the language wasn't as bad as it can sometimes be in a PG-13 comedy.  Right and wrong were protrayed in their true roles, the bad people lost and the good people won.  There was nothing particularly motivating in the film, just pure entertainment.  It was nice to see Maxwell Smart as not a total idiot as Steve Carrell often gets casted as, though it's not noticeable until about halfway through the movie.

Steve Carrell is such a talented actor, he just tends to get a little carried away at getting cheap laughs.  I think I would watch it again with it filtered, and I think I would enjoy it a whole lot more.

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  1. We liked it too, but had the same reservations as you did.