Field of Dreams

Rating: 5

"If you build it, he will come."   "Ease his pain."  "Go the distance."  This is a great story about faith and forgiveness.  So man times the Lord will ask us to do something and not tell us why we need to do it.  If we fail to act on those promptings, no matter how insignificant they may seem, we will lose many blessings. 

Though this was a very fictitious setting that could never possibly occur, the elements of truth could not be more real.  Ray did some of the most bizarre things at the cost of almost losing his farm.  He was very blessed to have the support of his family, without which he surely would not have been strong enough to follow through with his task.  This is in stark contrast to the spouse interaction in "Evan Almighty."  Evan's wife showed little trust in her husband at the onset of his strange behavior and Evan himself could not share the truth with his wife.  Where's the unconditional love and trust?  I was super-impressed with the husband and wife relationship in "Field of Dreams."  Though perhaps a bit skeptical, the wife trusted her husband and even encouraged him.  The husband, though barely believing it himself, unhesitantly shared his experiences with his wife.  That's how a marriage relationship should be.  

All the oddities start to come together the last 5 minutes of the movie (mild spoiler alert...).  You see how simple it can really be to ask forgiveness, once you've humbled yourself sufficiently.  The humbling aspect of forgiveness helps us to increase our love and appreciation for the atonement of Jesus Christ and makes it easier for us to love those around us.

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