Christmas Carol, A

Rating: 5

At Christmas, there is a plethora of Christmas shows, half of which are variations of Charles Dickens classic story, "A Christmas Carol." The best of these, in my opinion, is the 1984 version starring George C. Scott. The movie follows Dickens original very well and therefore, all of the good qualities in that are transferred to the movie. George C. Scott is very believable in his role as the humbug of Christmas. He discusses his situations with each of the spirits, even those who don't do much talking, with ease. His gradual understanding of the purpose of the visits is portrayed very artfully and realistically.

The story and the movie both make people feel good. The story demonstrates the belief that redemption of souls is possible. There is no foul language, violence or innuendo. It is an overall good movie.

Of the dozen spin offs of this story, only one stands out as a good variation. In "Ms. Scrooge,"
Cecily Tyson plays a black, female Ebinita Scrooge who is able to make it in business during times of racial discrimination. When she transforms after the night visitors, she keeps her rather acerbic temperament, and yet the viewers know there is a deep change of heart. Again, the best elements of the story are shown without violence, foul language or other negative items.


  1. I also like the version that stars Patrick Stewart

  2. Thanks mom! I love this Christmas story and the many lessons it teaches us, particularly that the spirit of Christmas should live within us year round, which is a spirit of joy and loving and giving. It definitely inspires the viewer to do good in the world and serve others. I need to watch a version still this year and maybe I'll pick your favorite!

  3. I love this Christmas story. I don't know if I have seen this version, but I have seen several others. I try to read the book each year as Christmas rolls around. I love how giddy he becomes when he realizes he hasn't missed Christmas. I sure want to learn the important things before it is too late!