Chariots of Fire

Rating: 5
I (Luke) was really excited to see this movie after hearing that it dealt with a man standing up for his belief and desire to keep the Sabbath day holy. I was then put a little skeptical when others mentioned this movie scared them away because of the slow motion running and an over-played theme song.

I (Carr) have always wanted to see this movie and perhaps I have seen it, or at least parts of it, but I don't remember it.  With my family background of running and our stand on Sunday athletic events, it was a well-known reference to us.  It was good to finally watch it from beginnning to end.  It made me a bit nostalgic for the days when I would dream of the Olympics in spite of my stance on the sabbath day. 

The movie wasn't ever slow going, it had two very interesting stories weaved together about tow young men who went after their dreams and acheived them. One man was blessed with a God given talent to run, the other had to work considerably hard. Both had to make certain sacrifices to achieve their goals, but they never sacrificed their beliefs.

I felt very motivated after this movie to make a better stand for what I believe in, to not be afraid to explain to people why I do or don't do things a certain way. The results of this integrity were very realistic. God will open up doors for those who keep Him first in their lives, he will bless them and prosper them.  (But not necessarily the doors we think we want open...he could have not been able to run at all, but he surely would have been blessed in other ways because of his sacrifice).
  • Good lesson on standing by your morals, even when powerful people (royalty) press you to break what you stand for, you earn a lot more respect by not giving in
  • Different motives for both runners, yet both achieved success
  • Natural gift versus something someone has to work for, both instances valued what they had/earned

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