Quantum of Solace

Rating: 3

Not as good as Casino Royale, but still entertaining. If it weren't for the overarching message that "the dead don't care about vengeance" or that revenge isn't something worth pursuing, I would not have cared for the movie at all. It was nice to see Bond slowly come to grips with this throughout the movie. He wasn't as cold-hearted as M took him to be, he only wanted to find out the truth about Vesper. That quest for love kept him from doing something that he would regret later on, or that simply would not bring him the peace he was looking for.

There was a lot of violence, a little swearing and innuendo. I had a hard time linking this movie to Casino Royale and felt that it was kind of a stretch to do so, but maybe that comes from not having watched Casino Royale too recently.

If you're a James Bond fan then go see it, otherwise wait for it to come to DVD where you can pick it up at Red Box for free or at least watch it filtered.

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