Water Horse, The: Legend of the Deep


Rating: 4

This is a movie you could find yourself smiling at when it's over; not because of the message the movie presented, but just because it was a good story and almost got away with you not feeling like this was a movie for kids. There was no overarching message presented to the audience. It was a fantasy about how a young boy found an egg that hatched into a baby Loch Ness monster and became the only friend that could understand the emptiness and confusion the boy felt at the loss of his father.

There really isn't a whole lot more to say. You could look really hard and extract some moral lessons from the character interactions, but nothing really stood out to me as a lesson to remember. The writers could have done without making the entire film a very long flashback. There was no purpose to the old man telling the story, other than to possibly show that you shouldn't discard all mysteries as lies. The monster at the end of the story goes from almost eating the boy to saving him, and we later find out that the boy who almost drowns because he stepped off a ledge under the water can miraculously swim. Why does the boy have to swim with the monster to the edge of the lake? Almost too much "Free Willy"-ness for me; but, again, it was enjoyable.


  1. Free-williness? It had me almost believing there really could be a loch ness monster! J/K! It was a sit back and enjoy movie. Not too much thinking had to be done. We really enjoyed it!By the way, what happened to your picture?

  2. It was a fun show. I like it when they're not too intense.