Bucket List, The


Rating: 4

I felt good after watching this movie. There was a good overall message present: it's never too late to make amends (as long as you do it before you die). Carter and Edward were given a forewarning of when they would probably die, not too many people are so fortunate (if fortune is a way to describe such a situation). Both ended up realizing that family was the most important part of their lives, though it was a painful process to realize it.

It taught the lesson that no matter how much good you try to do for someone else they don't have to be willing to accept it. They are probably not ready for it, though it shouldn't be something you avoid doing. Carter thought it would be good for Edward to see his daughter after not speaking with her for years. Though Edward refused it up front, a seed was planted in his heart and he eventually made amends with his daughter and was rewarded for it (though not always the results of good intentions).

Edward also learned the importance of empathy. When he became a patient in his own hospital, he realized that he wasn't just running a hospital, he was running a temporary home for sick people.

This didn't get a 5 because it didn't feel like a 5. It had a great message, and with it filtered I'd recommend it to anyone, but it was very predictable. Nothing overly new or original, but I did enjoy it.

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  1. Rating: 4
    I'm going to have to get my analysis written first one of these days so Luke doesn't write it all! Once again, I agree with everything Luke put. There were some great messages and I did feel good after watching it, but it was not an impressionable film. When I tried to tell someone about it, I found myself drawing a blank. I couldn't remember much about it and I couldn't even say if I liked it or not! I would recommend watching it filtered if only for one swear word that occurs (I was told this by someone else...we saw it filtered and would have no clue otherwise!). If you choose to see it, you won't be wasting your time as long as you take to heart the messages and put them into action in your own life (immediately...before you forget what it's all about like I did!).